The Fastest imagePROGRAF. Ever.

  • Up to 4 D Prints/Minute

  • Up to 244 D Prints/Hour

  • Integrated 100-Print Capacity Top Stacker

  • Dual-Roll Intelligent Media-Handling System that Detects Media Type, Width, and Length

The Top Output Stacker allows for up to 100 ARCH E sheets to be stacked facedown for confidentiality. The stacker features Canon’s advanced air flow system, which reduces paper jams and keeps prints neatly aligned

The Intelligent Media Handling feature allows the user to simply place a roll in the opened drawer and slide in the media from the front of the printer with ease. The printer automatically detects media type, width, and length, for simplified user handling.

For continuous production printing, the imagePROGRAF TZ Series lets you load a second roll of media while the other roll is printing. Additionally, Hot Swap Ink Tanks allow you to change ink while printing, without damaging or stopping the print—Virtually no down time!

Optional MFP System Controller has an all-new intuitive GUI design for simplified printer management. Complete with a new processor, scanner functionality has never been easier and faster in an imagePROGRAF MFP.

Optional lightweight Z36 Scanner, you can scan monochrome drawings at up to 13”/second and color drawings at up to 6”/second

The Roll Paper Indicator takes the guesswork out of determining how much paper is left in the printer. The LED lights display four (4) different media levels, letting you know when paper is running low.